WHO-LEESA kicks by Julissa

Uniquely made for you

call me “who-leesa” not “juu-lisa!
— julissa

The Idea

I love sneakers!  And, as a professional fashion stylist based in New York City I like to stand out. So, I started to customize sneakers for myself.  Soon, my friends and family were asking me to paint sneakers for them as well.  From there the word spread, and now I have the pleasure of making custom kicks for clients from all over the world.

The Process

The kicks are all custom, and hand made to order.  We work with any sneakers or shoes, and we'll customize it to suit your likes or design requests.

You can either provide clean sneakers or we will order your sneakers of choice and add the cost of the sneakers to the final bill.  Take a look at the KICKS section for inspiration or send links of your inspiration.  Inquiries are replied to in 24 hours.  


100% Uniquely Made For You

From painting, to re-working, it's custom made for you.  Prices vary from kids to adults.  Also, according to design, details, etc.  Each one of a kind pair is made to last, using permanent fabric painting methods and washes.